Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Anthony Witrado Chat! Anthony Witrado Chat!

Building off of the wildly successful "Chat With Mike Hunt" series, we decided to ask some ridiculous questions of everyone's favorite Brewers beat writer, Anthony Witrado.

And once again, a Journal Communications employee took the bait:

In perhaps the most epic grouping of questions ever in a JS chat, Witrado answered questions from myself, Emmet and...wait for it....wait for it....Freeway (aka Michael McCarter)! within a string of 4 questions. Just fantastic reading.


Q: Michael McCarter, Milwaukee - I've been a Brewers fan all my life because I want this team to win every game to be more selfish for Winning the MVP's, Batting Title, Cy Young Award, Coach of the Year and to return to the glory days at Miller Park. I want to ask you this important question. Who's going to be kept/or who's going to be traded during the off-season? Who do you think they would get in return? Who would you build this team around? Can this team take that final step to re-sign players to Multi-Year Contract-Extension so they can win it all and build a dynasty at Miller Park? Can this team compete for the National League Central Division Title, Home-field advantage through-out the playoffs, National League Divisional Series, National League Championship Series, Winning the Pennants and bring the World Series Championship back to Wisconsin in the very near future and beyond? Can they win it all in 2010 and hopefully they can repeat as champs so they call win it all and follow the Yankees modal down the road? I want to see if the Brewers are contenders or pretenders? Can they re-sign Prince Fielder after the 2011 season so he and Ryan Braun can take this team back to the top and build a championship team and put a championship banner back on the map where it belongs? Where's the respect? Where's the Media Coverage? Where's the territory going to start coming back to our city? I want to know now.

A: Anthony Witrado - I must have missed the first run of glory days at Miller Park. As for your question(s), wow. Umm ... I don't think this team can build a dynasty in this market. Sorry to break that to fans ... again. I've answered most of those question in the past and in this chat, but as for Where's the respect? I think it's there enough for a team below .500. Media coverage? Isn't that what this is?

Q: Ted Stryker - Anthony, great job on the Brewers coverage as always. Since you played professional baseball and therefore must have at least a basic understanding of the baseball swing, I was wondering if you have seen any mechanical changes in Jody Gerut's swing resulting in his improved performance at the plate in the 2nd half of the season. Or is that just Jody being Jody? Do you think there is a chance that he will be the starting CF for Milwaukee in 2010?

A: Anthony Witrado - There's a chance his late surge can make the Brewers think they don't need to re-sign Cameron. His swing has always been fine since his arrival, but he has become much more patient and isn't swinging at garbage. It's amazing how a guy's average and on-base rise when he swings at strikes instead of balls.

[Some KM person asked a question that is irrelevant]...

Q: Emmett Fitz-Hume - If Hoffman doesn't come back, who do you think would make a better closer: Me, or my friend Austin Millbarge? Thanks

A: Anthony Witrado - A real closer wouldn't question his abilities, so I'd have to say Austin.

If that wasn't good enough, Roger chimed in and had his dream of becoming an MLB GM crushed once and for all by the backup beat writer:

Q: Roger Murdock, Glendale, CA - I really think the Brewers need to get their best players on the field next year. How about moving Braun to CF, Gamel to LF, Hardy to RF and having McGehee start at 3rd and Escobar at SS. Hart's skills would net a front line pitcher in a trade. I can't believe Melvin doesn't see this easy fix. If he doesn't do that he should be gone. Your take?

A: Anthony Witrado - This is why you're not a GM, Roger. Not to be a jerk, but that team would give up runs in bunches, especially in the OF. Hart isn't good enough to get a front-line starter straight up, not even close. That's why Melvin doesn't see any of this, because it's not a good idea.

OK, I don't even know where to start on Freeway's question, so I'll just let that one speak for itself. In a word, it's marvelous.

Anthony didn't blink when I asked him to break down Jody Gerut's swing. As if he knows. And if Gerut is the starting CF next year I'm going to do something drastic, probably something involving an inflatable pilot.

As for Emmett's question, we mock what we don't understand.

And finally....the question from Murdock. It's actually a sad situation when Witrado thought this was a serious question. It tells you that he's had enough mouth breathers ask retarded questions on these chats to think that it would ever be a good idea to field an outfield with Gamel and JJ Hardy playing the corners. I was hoping Witrado would agree with Murdock that this was a good idea, but still a solid answer nonetheless.


  1. This most definately should be the cornerstone of thsi blog.

  2. Absolutely brilliant. This sets a great tone for the offseason hot stove chats that are sure to come at the JS.

  3. Awesome.

    Witrado is such a turd. He always has subtle digs at Milwaukee like "I must have missed the first run of glory days at Miller Park".

    Sorry that we can't be the Yankees you twatnozzle.

  4. Long story short, I was fooled too. Then, with help of a friend, I realized I remembered this style.

    Bra. F***ing. Vo.

  5. Terrific stuff guys - top notch baiting.

    The JS staff are withering idiots for even allowing questions like this to go public. Radio shows have call screeners, but apparently the JSO does not.