Monday, November 8, 2010

Badgers Rose Bowl?

So if the Badgers can win out and MSU can somehow loss a game Badgers in the Rose Bowl. This much everyone knows.

However according to today’s projections from

IF the Badgers are able to get there they will face the very untraditional opponent in TCU.

From Rivals: “Under terms of the most recent BCS agreement, the first time the Rose Bowl loses a team to the national championship game and a team from outside the Big Six conferences is an automatic qualifier, that team will play in the Rose Bowl. That means if Oregon is in the title game this season, the Rose Bowl must take the highest-placed non-Big Six team, which likely will be TCU.”


Monday, September 20, 2010

Readers Poll?- Are we dead?

So maybe I don't like my job more then most, or maybe I just am board more then most. I understand that most of you have responsibilities at work and some even at home, but with the significant lack of material being posted or commented on just thought I would ask... Is anyone out there?

I check in:

a. Daily
b. Once a week
c. Every so often (Last time I check in was...)

Next question, What happened to everyone?

I know I quite posting mostly because I thought no one was out there anymore. I personally check i a few times a week just to see if anyone is posting.

Please feel free to leave a comment and talk amongst yourselves.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trevor 600! & Fan ejected?

Was at the game last night with the wife. As Harry Doyal would say  “In case you haven't noticed, and judging by the attendance you haven't,” but Trevor Hoffman recorded his 600th save last night.

It was AWESOME! The fans (about 18,000ish) were great. Miller Park had a lot of energy starting in the 8th when Axford came out to preserve the save opportunity.

Then in the 9th Hells Bells came on. The place went nuts, everyone was on there feet. Including the Cardinals bench. After the game most of the Cardinals hung around to see Trevor and his teammates celebrate. It was a really cool moment for a really classy guy.

But on a side note 4 ejections last night including a FAN! Check out the ejections recap and wait for the end:

MLB Ejection Recap

Can't say I have ever seen that one before.

Season has been a long disappointment but very glad I was able to make last night game. Championship Season 2011!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where are they now...

Wow, when your job is basically make a few calls, leave a few voice mails, get kicked in the nuts, repeat. You tend to find the time to reach the end of the Internet a few times. Yesterday my search brought us Famous Mormons. Today a site totally dedicated to collage athletes post stardom. A real nice site keeping tabs on guys we watched growing up and some we didn't.

Hope you enjoy and I helped bring you some positive procrastination.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Huh, famous mornmons? Who knew.

                                                (Bet you didn't know I wear special under ware.)

This post is mainly for our good friend Barrett. Ever since Dental school he has been enlightening us all about the mainstream cult religion that is Mormon.

I guess like 2/3 of his class were Mormon, he didn't like it.

Anyway don't ask how or why but stumbled across this great website named Famous Mormons. They break it out by category, entertainment, lawyers?, politicians and yes by sport.  They even have a list of infamous Mormons.

enjoy reading and finding some great names that may surprise you:

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments. Famous Mormons- Huh,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ted Nugent called. He wants his jersey back.

Got my Shop catalog in the mail today - and bumped into this abomination while looking at the jerseys.  Now, I'm a fan of alternate colors, throwbacks, etc., but this thing has got to be one of the worst looking jersey's I've ever seen.  This model is what Reebok calls a "Realtree" Replica jersey.  What its replicating I'm not sure - vomit on a burnt out lawn or some bad artwork from a motel room in Minoqua or Spooner are my first two guesses.  Its also perfect if you want to look like the cover of every 'Field and Stream' magazine ever published.

Packer fans, explain this one too me, please.  The blaze orange nonsense at Lambeau is bad enough (and has nothing to do with football).  This appears to be the next step in the evolution of stereotyping Packer fans.  Nicely done Reebok. You have made it possible for hundreds of Packer fans to come in from a long morning of hunting, and not have to change into their green and gold. Oh, and for those interested there is also a Clay Matthews #52 model.  Blond mullet is optional.

I can't wait until they make one of these 'Realtree' models for  Bucks fans, so I can promptly gouge my eyes out.

College football right around the corner- HATERS

This worth a good 8 minutes of morning coffee drinking pleasure. Any blog that uses, nay coins the phrase "pantshittingly kickass" is worth sharing,

From Deadspin: Deadspin Top 25


Monday, August 9, 2010

Goldy did you write this song?

Sorry Chopp,

I liked your post but had to get this up here as soon as I saw it. Classic, Goldy i can see this coming out of your lionel richie i tunes library.

Great work enjoy:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

I'm taking junior to check out Packers Training Camp tomorrow, some quality father-son time. As I dig into the closet to pick out a jersey, I realize the wife and I have the worst collection of Packers jerseys in the state. No doubt about it. Here's the lineup:

Robert Brooks #87
Dorsey Levens #25
Bubba Franks #88
Aaron Kampman #74

WTF garbage collection is that?? To makes matters worse, the AK74 is almost brand new. Bought it last off season about two weeks before GB switched to the 3-4, making Kampy very mediocre. Damnit all! And anybody notice a trend? Brooks, Levens, and Kampman all blew out their knees right after purchasing said jerseys. As for Franks, he turned into a glorified Tackle.

So what to do? For the sake of shredding more ACL's, buying a new jersey is out of the question. I'm desperate. Desperate, but also a genius! Duct tape and a sharpie can fix anything, right?



OH, YEAH!!! It's the white-trash #88 Finley edition! You can't buy this sucker at the Rice Lake Wal-Mart if you tried! Does it look cheap, white trash, generic, and stupid? Yep, and that's the point! As for Finley's knee...technically it's still a Bubba shirt, so we're good.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Back to school means the retun of the coastie

Sadly with Football training camp comes the end of summer. This sucks. another sign of the end of summer is the first back to school radio ad I just heard. So basically just needed to update the blog. So for Goldy and Gilkes thought I would kick'it Madison Coastie Style...

enjoy the weekend boys.

On another note Badgers picked 3rd in most polls for the big 11. thoughts? Does Bret need to make a major bowl or pack up his office?

I am curious what you guys think.

Cobra: Purdue will be a middle of the road none factor, sorry.

Gopher: whats the maroon and gold up to?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Goldy opens JS and instantly pukes....

Not only did Doug not move Hart but he gave the d-bag a 3 year deal!!!!

Hart gets 3-year extension

Aug. 2, 2010 8:00 a.m.
*UPDATE: ESPN's Buster Olney tweeted Hart's extension is for $26.5 million. We're trying to confirm that before getting to Chicago and talking to Hart and GM Doug Melvin.
Corey Hart got his wish.

While his name was being bandied about on the trade rumor mill in recent weeks, Hart repeatedly said he wanted to stay with the Brewers and sign a contract extension rather than being dealt to another club.

That wish came true Monday morning when the Brewers announced that Hart agreed to a three-year extension through the 2013 season. The deal buys out the final year of the 28-year-old right fielder’s arbitration eligibility in 2011 as well as his first two years of free agency.

No financial terms were released but the deal is probably worth close to $25 million. Hart is making $4.8 million this season, and probably would have been in line for a $6-7 million salary in 2011 after a big 2010 season.
Hart bounced back from an awful spring training and irregular playing time in the early weeks of season to put together his most productive campaign. In 92 games, he is batting .288 with 23 home runs and a team-high 72 RBI, with a .565 slugging percentage and .346 on-base percentage.

Hart was selected to the National League all-star team in player balloting and also competed in All-Star Home Run Derby in Anaheim, finishing in third place.

The signing addresses one of the three core players on the Brewers’ roster headed for free agency after the 2011 season. First baseman Prince Fielder and second baseman Rickie Weeks also fall in that category.

The Brewers had no luck broaching a contract extension with Fielder earlier in the season and talks were shut down. It would not be surprising if the club trades him this winter rather than risk losing him to free agency after 2011 with only draft picks in return.

Like Hart, Weeks is having his best season and the Brewers could approach him with a contract extension before 2011 as well.

It has been a remarkable turnaround within the same season by Hart, who was in the doghouse after a terrible spring training, during which the Brewers made an overture to free-agent outfielder Jermaine Dye to join the club. The club was so down on Hart, it did not submit his name for all-star consideration in fan balloting.

Hart had to fight for playing time in the early weeks of the season but injuries to Jim Edmonds and Carlos Gomez eventually got him regular playing time, and he made the most of it. In May, he hit 10 home runs, taking the league lead for several weeks, and drove in 22 runs.

Hart hit .314 with 27 RBI in June, and .310 in July despite missing a week with a wrist injury. He put together a 21-game hitting streak during one stretch, becoming the only player in club history with two streaks of at least 20 games during his career.
Hart’s two-run homer in the sixth inning Sunday gave the Brewers their only runs in a three-game sweep by the Astros in Houston.

The agreement also means the Brewers and Hart, and agent Jeff Berry, finally agreed on his worth. They clashed on that subject in past negotiations, leading to an arbitration hearing in February in which Hart won his case and was awarded a $4.8 million salary.

I will be able to speak with Hart later in the day about the extension and I’ll post a blog with his comments.

Here is a comment from Brewers GM Doug Melvin in a release just put out by the club:
“The Brewers are very excited to have Corey signed for the next three years,” said Melvin. “He is one of our drafted and developed players and with his two-time All-Star performances, Corey deserves this contract that will provide his family security. We appreciate his wanting to remain a Brewer and a part of the Milwaukee community.”

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rollin' solo at Fifth-Third Park

Traveling for work has its ups and downs, but one of the perks is the ability to check out the scene in other cities during your down time.  This week found me on the beautiful west coast of Michigan with a free evening.  I've meant to hit up a West Michigan Whitecaps (Tigers Single A affiliate) game for about 2 years now, as I travel to Michigan for work pretty regularly, but the Whitecaps and my schedule never seemed to line up until this Wednesday.  So I made the short drive from my hotel up to Comstock Park, MI (a small town just north of Grand Rapids) to Fifth-Third Ballpark.  Now, I haven't been to a lot of different Single A ballgames, but I am very familiar with the Beloit Snappers (formerly Brewers, now Twins Single A affiliate).  The Snappers game experience is generally good, cheap food/beer, cheap seats, modest crowds, a fun dancing turtle mascot, etc.  Relative to that, I was not prepared for weeknight Whitecap baseball.

As I approached the exit ramp to get to the stadium, I thought I was pulling up behind an accident.  The ramp was backed up well onto the US-131 - but nope, no fender-bending jackasses impeded me.  It was 'game-day' traffic!  My mind immediately panicked with the thought that I might have to pay for parking.  I only had $5 in my wallet, and had planned on getting raked for a $3 service charge at one of the many Fifth-Third ATMs I would surely find throughout the Park.  How much could they possibly charge for parking at a Single A baseball game?  Five bucks exactly, apparently.  Whatever, a five-spot seemed a little steep (considering how far away I ended up) - but now I was intrigued, what with the crowd this team was drawing on a Wednesday evening.  10 minutes later, I'm up to the Box office, and had nabbed a padded seat behind homeplate for $13.

Pleased with my accomodations, I ran back up to the concession stand for a brat and a beer - my usual starter for an eve at the ballpark.  I see they have two beer sizes, regular and 'Huge' - and being from Wisconsin, of course I go for the 'Huge' for $6.75, thinking this will be the usual equivalent of the Miller Park 24 oz. 'large' beer.  Wrong.  Near as I could tell, for just shy of 7 bucks, I now had 44 oz of beer in my lap.  So back to my seat and time to settle in, as the top of the second was just about to close.  First off, I notice how busy this place was for a Wednesday evening.  I estimated there were about 4,000 fans there - far more than I've ever seen at a Snappers game, even on a weekend, complete with a Don Money bobblehead giveaway and post-game fireworks.  No giveaways for the Whitecaps on this night, just great weather and, apparently, beers that could drown a basking shark.  However, the coming Saturday was scheduled to be Larry Herndon bobble head night, a great draw for any of us who were fans of that magnificant '84 squad.  Wish I could be around to make it for that one.
To my right, I realize I'm sitting next to the scout seats (always a good sign that your vantage will be excellent), as several fellows sat with their radar guns and laptops, charting every pitch.  The Whitecaps were playing Appleton's own Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (Brewers Single A Low affiliate) this night, with righty and 2008 5th round pick, Maverick Lasker getting the start.  He stood out right away (and not just because of his excellent baseball name), as he was dominating the 'Caps early with a low 90s fastball, and a nice breaking pitch (see vid below I shot of him chewing thru the Whitecaps in the bottom of the 5th). If you're a Brewers fan, this is worth the 2 minutes to watch, he seems to have pretty good stuff.  There's also a freaking gigantic flagpole out in centerfield worth seeing at about 0:50, too.

All game the Baby Tigers seemed to have very poor plate discipline, frequently first pitch swinging into popups and soft groundouts.  But Lasker was real good too.  Just a first impression, but given the Brew Crew's pitching woes, I wouldn't be surprised in the least to see this kid tossing in Miller Park in a couple years.

At any rate, as the game progressed I found myself really enjoying the relaxed crowd, my spacious padded seat, and even the mediocre brat.  What an excellent little corner of Americana I had found here.  After the 7th, I took a little walk around the stadium, to see what my other food choices were.  Again, I was not disappointed.  BBQ, wraps, taco salad, and even elephant ears were all there for the taking, in addition to the now-famous 'Fifth-Third Burger'.  If you haven't heard of this thing, do yourself a favor and locate the episode of 'Man vs. Food' where my guru, Adam Richman, takes that behemoth down.  His pic is up there on the wall, so its all legit.  For $20 you get 4,900 calories, and only 300 grams of fat.  Talk about value - I saw a group of 6 or 7 kids a few rows down from me get one to split.  That's probably the way to go.

So, in the end my Tigers in Training lost to the Rattlers, 3-1.  But I have to say, I had a hell of a time, especially for flying solo.  While I spent more money than I had expected for Single A ball, I had a much better time than expected too.  It was nice to sit amongst fans who largely all adorned the Olde English D, and just wanted to enjoy some summer baseball.  Grand Rapids has a good thing going with this team/stadium - so check it out if you're in the area.

One last interesting piece of info about the West Michigan Whitecaps - they used to be the Madison Muskies.  In fact, they were selling old Muskies caps in the gift shop for $15.  Cool, huh?