Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ted Nugent called. He wants his jersey back.

Got my Shop catalog in the mail today - and bumped into this abomination while looking at the jerseys.  Now, I'm a fan of alternate colors, throwbacks, etc., but this thing has got to be one of the worst looking jersey's I've ever seen.  This model is what Reebok calls a "Realtree" Replica jersey.  What its replicating I'm not sure - vomit on a burnt out lawn or some bad artwork from a motel room in Minoqua or Spooner are my first two guesses.  Its also perfect if you want to look like the cover of every 'Field and Stream' magazine ever published.

Packer fans, explain this one too me, please.  The blaze orange nonsense at Lambeau is bad enough (and has nothing to do with football).  This appears to be the next step in the evolution of stereotyping Packer fans.  Nicely done Reebok. You have made it possible for hundreds of Packer fans to come in from a long morning of hunting, and not have to change into their green and gold. Oh, and for those interested there is also a Clay Matthews #52 model.  Blond mullet is optional.

I can't wait until they make one of these 'Realtree' models for  Bucks fans, so I can promptly gouge my eyes out.


  1. I've seen the camo hats but this is a new one. I look forward to reporting back my first spoting, my guess I will see one in less then two weeks. and keep in mind I have no sporting event or big trips planned, just might have to make a surprise trip to Walmart or something and I'm sure I will get my camo/ a-rog fix.

  2. Have a feeling you're right Nubs. The over under on time until you spot one of these in person has got to be about two weeks.

    I have a feeling some yahoo within a 15 rows of my Section 218 seats for the Bucks will be sporting one of these. That area of the BC is like a magnet for bad jersey choices...