Sunday, August 8, 2010

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

I'm taking junior to check out Packers Training Camp tomorrow, some quality father-son time. As I dig into the closet to pick out a jersey, I realize the wife and I have the worst collection of Packers jerseys in the state. No doubt about it. Here's the lineup:

Robert Brooks #87
Dorsey Levens #25
Bubba Franks #88
Aaron Kampman #74

WTF garbage collection is that?? To makes matters worse, the AK74 is almost brand new. Bought it last off season about two weeks before GB switched to the 3-4, making Kampy very mediocre. Damnit all! And anybody notice a trend? Brooks, Levens, and Kampman all blew out their knees right after purchasing said jerseys. As for Franks, he turned into a glorified Tackle.

So what to do? For the sake of shredding more ACL's, buying a new jersey is out of the question. I'm desperate. Desperate, but also a genius! Duct tape and a sharpie can fix anything, right?



OH, YEAH!!! It's the white-trash #88 Finley edition! You can't buy this sucker at the Rice Lake Wal-Mart if you tried! Does it look cheap, white trash, generic, and stupid? Yep, and that's the point! As for Finley's knee...technically it's still a Bubba shirt, so we're good.


  1. Well, you COULD go that way, or you could go this way:

    Your one stop for all your counterfeit jersey needs. Buy 10 and you get free shipping.

    Do yourself a favor and get a retired Packer great jersey, that way you'll never be let down and disappointed by them.

    I'll never forget back in '96 when I nearly bought an authentic Chris Spielman jersey, and then he ended up becoming a Buffalo Bill. Phew - I almost bought the world's most expensive oil rag.

  2. I think I would have gone with the full ducktape name and not use the Bubba "F", but that's just me. If I recall didn't you choose Kampman after a Chuckie Hacks poll? You can't be made with the readers choice jersey purchase.