Friday, August 6, 2010

Back to school means the retun of the coastie

Sadly with Football training camp comes the end of summer. This sucks. another sign of the end of summer is the first back to school radio ad I just heard. So basically just needed to update the blog. So for Goldy and Gilkes thought I would kick'it Madison Coastie Style...

enjoy the weekend boys.

On another note Badgers picked 3rd in most polls for the big 11. thoughts? Does Bret need to make a major bowl or pack up his office?

I am curious what you guys think.

Cobra: Purdue will be a middle of the road none factor, sorry.

Gopher: whats the maroon and gold up to?


  1. Ah, football - the last 2 weeks have seen my mind rapidly converting over into gridiron mode, with the Tigers sliding into oblivion.

    Probably in the next two weeks I'll get my Gopher blog (Give 'Em Hell Goldy) rolling again, and put together a Big 10 preview that I'll link here.

    Truthfully though, I'm more excited about the NFL this year. All minutes between the Draft and the opening kickoff are the best part of the season for Lions fans.

  2. Ha, that last line might be the best sentance you hve ever posted on here GBG. Nice