Monday, September 20, 2010

Readers Poll?- Are we dead?

So maybe I don't like my job more then most, or maybe I just am board more then most. I understand that most of you have responsibilities at work and some even at home, but with the significant lack of material being posted or commented on just thought I would ask... Is anyone out there?

I check in:

a. Daily
b. Once a week
c. Every so often (Last time I check in was...)

Next question, What happened to everyone?

I know I quite posting mostly because I thought no one was out there anymore. I personally check i a few times a week just to see if anyone is posting.

Please feel free to leave a comment and talk amongst yourselves.


  1. GBG is out here - but I'm swamped with kids, work, D-Lions/Gopher football (or what passes for it these days), etc. My free time after all that goes to my Gopher blog, Halo Reach, and kicking ass.

    I post regularly on ''Give 'Em Hell Goldy", but that's for more of a select audience. Of course you are welcome to visit.

  2. Nubs...This is your Calling....Time to take over..........Still reading and waiting for more!!!

  3. Nubs - this is your world, take it over!

    I'm still waiting for Chuckie Hacks to make a comeback.

  4. I still check in from time to time. Just been a hella busy summer. Seems like both our blogs kinda died off at the same time.