Friday, September 18, 2009

Apparently some Twins fans still think Johan Santana is on the roster...

...despite the fact that he hasn't been on their roster since early 2008 and has played two seasons for the New York Mets. Strange, huh?
Yet there I was, sitting about 15 rows up from the 3rd base line, cheering on my ice cold Tigers in the Metrodump, this Friday night and staring at least 8 to 10 people in my section still donning #57 jerseys. What is up with this? Can we get a moratorium on how long you are allowed to wear traded/cut/released player jerseys that are still active in the league? I'm thinking it should be 1 year. I'm not saying never wear them, just keep them in the closet on game day. Seems fair to me, you get one season to pool your money and buy some apparel that is relavant to your team in the here and now. If this catches on (unlikely), that means all you Brewers fans will have to hang up the Sabathia jerseys at the end of the season.
Should this bother me? Probably not, but right now I'm just annoyed for being treated like an a-hole for showing up to a road game in a Verlander jersey. Hey, at least he PLAYS on my team, right? Anyways, this is just a cathartic way for me to release my frustration for the Tigers getting shut out tonight. More fun Metrodome musings and pics later this weekend...


  1. So, What you're saying is that I shouldn't still be wearing my Julio Machado jersey to games?

    What if it's an all time great or fan favorite? Like Yount or Jenkins?

  2. All-time greats like Molitor, Yount, Cooper, or Fingers are, of course, acceptable, as they are retired. Jenkins would be a no-no.

    No Boof Bonser jersey shirts. Thankfully. And surprisingly, only 1 purple Favre jersey shirt.

    And for as beloved as the late, great Kirby Puckett was, no Mitchell and Ness sweetness with his name on it either. Maybe its due to the sullying he did to his legacy late in his career...