Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fantasy Football Nut Punch of the Week

League: Camp Randall

Match-up: Testicular Sound Express (Goldy) vs. PDC Pirates (Gilkes)

The Set-up: Two middle of the pack teams from last season are battling it out in week one action. Going into the Sunday night Packers-Bears game the Sound Express is riding high based on 37 point performance for Adrian Peterson and an out of this world 32 point performance from the Eagles D (2 TDs, 5 INTs, 5 sacks, and 2 fumble recoveries). The Express has 116 points and still has Greg Olsen to go in the Sunday Night game.

The Pirates are having a decent day with all their players scoring well, led by John Carlson's 21 points (John Carlson? WTF?). Going into the Sunday night game, the Pirates have 95 points, trailing the Sound Express by 21, but still have Greg Jennings and Matt Forte going.

The Nut Punch: At the half, Testicular Sound Express is still leading by 17. During the second half, Goldy notices that Forte has a few more yards and that Jennings had about 30 more yards. Not too concerned. Then comes the game winning TD pass. Goldy is thrilled because he is a Packers fan but in his mind is thinking that the TD just brought Gilkes real close in the total because it is worth 11 points (6 for the TD; 5 for the 50 yards). Packers go for two and get it and Goldy goes to check on the score, not really paying attention to who caught the 2-point conversion.

Well, I'll be dammed, it was Jennings. And looking at the scoreboard, Gilkes is holding a 118-116 lead thanks to the meaningless two point conversion. The only hope for the Sound Express is that Greg Olsen can score two points on the Bears drive, but that is not to be since, thankfully, Cutler is a little bitch.

The Fallout: Gilkes starts the season 1-0 while Goldy drops to 0-1 even though he had the second highest score in the league in Week 1.

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  1. That is a nut punch. However, Emmett experienced a forceful blow to the head with his 40-point performance (or whatever) last week.