Saturday, September 12, 2009

He Served as My Lead Blocker On The Way to the Bar

Went to a golf outing that Cecil Martin attended yesterday. That was pretty random.

Cecil looks like he's still a fullback. He is going with the full Predator look right now with the long dredlocks.

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  1. Walked by our tailgate last week at the Badger game. Looked like he was still in great shape. Best Cecil Martin story: After the 99 rose bowl, me, Erik, Dudy, Chris and Brad were in a McDonalds on Santa Monica Blvd getting breakfast the day after the Rose Bowl. All of a sudden the whole Badger team walks in. We are wearing Wisconsin stuff and Cecil Martin came up to us and thanked us for making the trip and said it meant a lot to the players to have so many Wisconsin fans out there. Thought that was pretty cool. Always seemed like a great guy.