Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lions win! Lions win!

Finally. After 19 games of abject futility, we got a 'W'.

Not that one win erases a decade of awfulness. But let the healing begin.

Onward & upward.

Stafford played a decent game (and didn't turn the ball over), Kev Smith rolled for a c-note, and for once Megatron didn't have to be completely leaned upon to make plays down the stretch. And the defense actually held together, despite the absence of Ernie Sims. I'll drink to that. Hell, I might even flip a squad car and torch it.

Next goal? A two game winning streak. Look out Bears - we'd prefer to be taken lightly again.


  1. The thing that slayed me was how, after the victory, Fox kept showing the Ford family in their box. Really? Wasn't it their ineptness that brought the franchise to this point? I realized it was Millen's ineptness, but the Fords kept him hired for that long. I am sure Lions fans wanted to see something other than those bozos. heck, just keep showing us the O-lineman crying.

  2. How about those Redskins! Last week they beat the putrid Rams 9-7, this week they lose to the Lions. Good job, Danny Snyder - that Al Haynesworth signing is really making a difference!

  3. It was well known that WCF Jr. wanted Millen gone years ago, but the old man was somehow snowed by him. I really wanted to see Junior pointing at his geriatric dad and shouting "See? See? I told you I was right!"

  4. In related news, after a personal 6-game losing streak my fantasy football team finally won a game.

    Sorry Roger.

  5. One of the Detroit offensive linemen was crying after the game. Literlly, tears were streaming down his face.

    They beat the September.

    Looking at some of the other blogs, Skins fans are in a very ugly place this morning.

  6. Yah, thanks Ted. My team is still hurting from the opening week nut punch from Gilkes. At least my Power Ranking is high!

  7. Fantasy update: my KICKER was my high scorer this week. My bench out scored my starters. Which by the way was compiled of a unch of numbnuts not one of them scoreing in double digits. but hey I Have D. Williams and Witten tonight. you think they can put up 41 points between the two of them?

  8. The last time I remember the Lions winning a game was with Barry Sanders.