Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Shoes I Once Owned

After the the rousing success of the "Dave Parker Random CD of the Week" on Chuckie Hacks, I figured here was as good a place as any to start a new feature entitled "Random Shoes I Once Wore".

First, a little background. I went to a Catholic school from Kindergarten through 8th grade. We had to wear navy blue pants and a white or light blue button down or polo shirt every day. Had to wear a belt and had to wear black socks. But for whatever reason, there were no restrictions on the shoes. This is where it was my time to shine. I usually got one pair of sneakers at the beginning of the school year and then a pair of basketball shoes later in the fall. These would be my school shoes for the year. Since the uniforms were had to wear were pretty blah, my young self must have decided to make a splash with some truly ugly shoes. This "Random Shoes I Once Wore" series will chronicle the ugly shoes of my past, explain why I wore them, the teams/players that wore them and some other random tidbits about the shoes. Most of the photos will be from the internet, but if I go to my parents house and find any of these shoes laying around the basement, I'll take a photo.

Without further adieu, we kick off the series with an orange and white pair of Nike Air Dunks. I'm guessing I picked these bad boys up around 1987 or 1988. I got these at the Nike outlet when it was in its first iteration in Kenosha by Superb Video. The photo shows a hi-top version but I had the low-cut version. These things were hideous. However, I recall them being pretty comfortable. I remember wanting these shoes after seeing Syracuse wear them in the 1987 Final Four. I can distinctly remember Rony Seikaly wearing these bad boys. I grew out of these pretty fast, so I think they had only a short run on my feet, but I wore them long enough for people to tell me I had Creamsicles on my feet. Didn't deter me. I loved these bad boys.

A little more info on the Nike Dunks. They were designed as a technical basketball shoe with a lower profile so you could have more control during "basketball moves". However, they were most known for their color patterns designed to match college team uniforms.


  1. FANTASTIC series. I pray this lasts longer than the Dave Parker CD. I had the David Robinson pumps Frosh year. It was like running around with cinder blocks on your feet. Either that, or I was just slow.

  2. Good start to a great topic. I call dibs on next weeks shoes!