Thursday, September 24, 2009

The SEC Wins Again

The College Football Hall Of Fame is moving from South Bend to.....Atlanta - the heart of SEC territory. This is a spectacular idea, let me count the ways:

1) It's an ego blow to those insufferable Notre Dame honks who think the College Football world revolves around them.

2) It makes already-shitty South Bend even shittier, which is a good thing (see point #1). I've been to the HOF a couple times. I enjoyed it. However, South Bend sucks. Outside of the pristine Notre Dame campus, the city is a junk yard. And the HOF isn't even near campus. It's a couple miles away in it's stale, 1970s looking downtown. Nobody wants to visit downtown South Bend. Trust me.

3) Increased attendance. You watch - the attendance figures will skyrocket. Nobody travels to South Bend except for ND home games. That's like 8 days a year. Downtown Atlanta? They can draw fans who are in town for: Georgia Tech/Falcons/Braves games, the SEC Championship game, and other fine tourist/business stops in and around Atlanta.

4) In the South, College Football is king. It's not even close. What major cities in the US are considered "College Football Cities?" Dallas was in the running, but that's a Cowboy's town through-and-through. Atlanta, that's it. It belongs there. In the heart of the SEC.


Oh, and through this extensive research, I learned that prior to South Bend the CF-HOF was in...Cincinnati?? WTF? That seems pretty random.


  1. I went to the College Football HoF when it was in Kings Island, OH (Cincinnati)in about 1988. I think my parents adn I were the only ones in the place. Relatively lackluster.

  2. I'm torn here - While I like this because I too can't stand the average Domer blowhard, I also can't stand the fact that the College Football HOF is below the Mason-Dixon line, making the likelihood of me visiting it drop to near zero.

    But then, how great of HOF can it be, if it can just up and move whenever it feels like?

  3. That news is a bit of sunshine on my day, I HATE NOTRE DAME!

    ok I digress,

    I'm with bandana guy, WTF kind of "tradition" are these hallowed halls going for if hey bounce from city to city. Drop anchor already.

    Why not Indy with the NCAA offices?