Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some Sort of Flu Hits the Badger Football Team. And Roger Murdoch.

Reports out of Madison that several members of the Badgers' football team are dealing with the flu this week. A tweet from a reserve freshman TE, which was quickly taken down, stated that 45 guys had some sort of bug. According to Jeff Potrykus in today's JS, it looks like most of the offensive starters are practicing. However, when he lists the starters who are practicing, it is a little concerning that he only lists two members of the defense. If the Badgers whole D-line and secondary are under the weather, that cannot be good.

In other news, Roger Murdoch attended last Saturday's Wisconsin-NIU game. Reading the J-S chat with Jeff P. many fans were complaining about the defense melting down in the 4th quarter and this was going to be just like last season. I don't see how you can say the D melted down. Up 22 with about 13 minutes to go, NIU went on their first sustained drive of the game and scored a TD. OK, D gave up one there. Tolzien throws a pick on the very first play and the D is right back out there and NIU has the ball on the 30. The D is a blown fumble call away from sealing up the game here. However, NIU scores and then recovers the on-sides kick. The D stepped up and made two plays when they had to even though they were on the field for 90% of the 4th Quarter. So,I don't think this has much to D with the D failing late.

After the game, Roger Murdoch drank a lot of beer including a boot at the Essen Haus. Murdoch is now home sick today with a killer head cold. Just thought Tony and Keith should know this.


  1. So, is Chuckie back to hacking?

  2. Not really. This is just an elaborate way to let the people who shared a boot with me know they may be headed down the swine flu road.
    Actually, I am not really what this blog is all about or if there will even be any posts on it.