Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This Doesn't Make Sense to Me, Though I'm No Offensive Guru

Some interesting stuff coming from Green Bay today:

The tackles, with Barbre and Colledge both struggling, would seem to be a major source of concern Sunday. McCarthy discussed the offensive line today and his thoughts on keeping quarterback Aaron Rodgers upright Sunday against St. Louis, in order to give him the time he needs to spot receivers downfield.

"We're going to do some different things with our protections in addition to executing better," McCarthy said. "You might see us keep our backs in to help chip on the ends. And the tight end. And the receivers will be more of an emphasis in pass protection. In fact, we might hold everybody back there when Aaron drops back, in order to give him the 10 seconds he needs to distribute the football."



  1. 10 seconds to unload the football?!? Don't ask for much do ya Mike? That seems a little excessive, and insulting to Jennings, Driver, and Co. regarding their ability to get open. And Rodgers ability to find them.

    Look away from the TV, do the old "10 apple" rush count during the next NFL run of the mill pass play you see, and when you look back at the TV, the refs will likely be spotting the ball, and the offensive team is huddling.

    10 seconds? Even for a 7-step drop that's an eternity.

    Just imagine what Peyton Manning could do if he had a 10 second count every pass play...

  2. 10 seconds? That's more time than I need for sex.

  3. If the receivers can't catch and the line can't block, could they try having Finley block and Colledge go out for passes?

    Couldn't hurt.
    (Colledge sucks)

  4. I get that (the sarcasm), it just never struck me that Mike McCarthy was a 'tongue in cheek' sort of guy. Maybe I need to watch more of his press conferences. Not being a Packer fan, I've perhaps unfairly maligned him as sort of a "Mike Tice-Lite", meathead kind of coach.