Monday, October 19, 2009

Dom Capers - Worth Every Penny

When the Packers kicked their entire defensive coaching staff to the curb and hired Dom Capers, there was much discussion. "It's a panic move by McCarthey," and "we don't have the players to run a 3-4" were popular comments. We're only through week 6, but I'll break down the rankings. And, yes, I do realize shutting out the pathetic Lions will boost those stats. But seeing as how there's about 10 dog teams in the league (Rams, Browns, Bucs, Raiders, Redskins, Lions, Bills, Jags, etc...), who hasen't played at least two of them? Thus far, Green Bay's played three good teams (Bears, Bengals, Vikings) and two of the Shits (Rams, Lions).

Green Bay 2008 Defense (Per Game)

Total Yards Allowed: 334.3 (Ranked 20th)
Rushing Yards Allowed: 131.6 (26th)
Passing Yards Allowed: 202.8 (12th)
Points Allowed: 23.8 (22nd)

Here's this years rankings. And keep in mind, Dom's scheme is supposedly very difficult to learn, and some guys (Kampman, Matthews) are just starting to get into a groove.

Green Bay 2009 Defense (Per Game)

Total Yards Allowed: 298.0 (Ranked 8th)
Rushing Yards Allowed: 105.4 (16th)
Passing Yards Allowed: 192.6 (10th)
Points Allowed: 18.6 (9th)

The remaining schedule offeres some good (Arizona, Minnesota, Dallas, Pitt) and bad (Tampa, Cleveland, Detroit) offenses - these numbers are sure to change week to week. But for anyone to say right now that making wholesale defensive coaching/scheme changes hasn't been worth it - they're just wrong.

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