Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gary Matthews, Jr? Pass!

No surprise that Gary Matthews wants out of Anaheim or LA (or wherever the hell that team actually plays), as he's the priciest bench player in the league.

Let's just officially end this before Brewers fans start clamoring for a trade to acquire this guy to replace Cammy in CF. Pretty average numbers and one amazing, PEDs, "If Bill Hall can be a team MVP in '06, then damn it so can I" season. NOT what the Brewers need for his price tag. Even if they work out some deal where the Angels absorb what's left of his contract and Melvin flips a minor leaguer, again, they just traded away Bill Hall for the same reason. If they acquire Matthews they may as well overpay for an aging innings eater that had a monster post season who's playing the back nine again.


  1. I hope you are right. But Doug has made it a point to give "users" a second chance?