Saturday, October 17, 2009

Initial thoughts following a crappy game

  • From the start of that possession, I was against putting Phillips in. The previous two drives consisted of a FG and then a TD on a drive where Tolzien hit some passes. Why change things up at that point?
  • I know Clay is a beast, but he clearly wasn't the same after the got injured. After Ball ran for that TD, he hardly got a touch. Clay just didn't have the strength after the injury. Put Ball in and see what he can do.
  • Holy shit did we not make any adjustments.
  • The possession after the Iowa TO in the second half where Welch missed the FG was the ball game. Get the ball on about the 25 and don't score. Just wonderful. Toon was interfered with, but he still has to make that catch on 3rd down.
  • In the second half it would have been great to not go run, run, pass on every possession. That harkens back to Packers play in the '80's.
  • How come the receivers for the opponents make all the catches this year? Yah, Iowa had a bad 3rd down drop in the first half, but they made all the tough catches in the second half.
  • I am a sad panda.
  • At least Notre Dame lost.

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