Monday, October 19, 2009

Roger Murdock was Throwing Rocks Tonight!

In the ever competitive Milwaukee Architects/Engineers Bowling League, Roger Murdock III managed to roll a 724 series for the first 700 series of his life. Roger Murdock is pretty proud of this accomplishment and knows if his father, Roger Murdock II, and his grandpa, the original Roger Murdock, were still alive, they would be pretty proud of him as well. Roger Murdock III still has a way to go to approach Roger Murdock II's bowling accomplishments (I don't have a banner hanging in a Racine bowling alley like my dad did) but hopefully this is a sport I get better at with age.

A solid 220-267-237 night help raise the average to 210. So, while I have declared that ever being good at golf being a lost battle, there is still hope for bowling. Prior to the start of the league this year, I had not bowled since I bowled 6 games with a house ball during the Lane Meyer bachelor party bowling marathon. That may have forced me to concentrate more and spurred me on to this season. Looking forward to the start of the Lane Meyer-Port Washington Thursday Night Bowling Spectacular starting up in a couple of weeks.


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  2. Nice job. I had never bowled a 700 until about 5 years ago. Then I a bowled 2 within 2 weeks. I haven't done it since. Sometimes you're just in the zone.

    The week after I bowled the 2nd 700 I rolled a 392. That, I feel was the real accomplishment.

  3. That's your answer to everything, Roger. And let me point out--pacifism is not--look at our current situation with that camelfucker in Iraq-- pacifism is not something to hide behind.

    The elusive 700 series congratulations! Nice build up for next Thursday!

    So have you stitched your 700 patch on your bag yet?

  4. Thanks Clown. I agree the 392 is the real accomplishment there!

  5. They don't give patches for 700 anymore. The ABC has cheaped out on everything. So, now for your $20 sanction fee you get a fucking drink coaster...

  6. 267 average gets you to your next goal of 800 series. Sorry to give another seemingly unattainable goal. I'm going to try to break into the 600s tonight. See you @ Willies.