Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stop It

Just a quick rant here, but please, for the love of God, can people stop it with the stupid "First Initial and Portion of Last Name" nicknames?

Look, A Rod for Aaron Rodgers is among the stupidest nicknames ever. Christ, there is already someone with the nickname A Rod. That one is stupid enough, but it's established.

What are people really gaining by calling him A Rod?

If you say "Rodgers really played a good game for the Packers" is that misunderstood? Is there a chance that you meant a different Rodgers, like Rodney Rogers or Charles Rogers? Roger Clemens? Roy Rogers? Rogers Hornsby?

Is A Rod easier to say? Shorter?




Absolutely not. It's dumb. Rodgers would be universally understood as meaning Aaron Rodgers, #12 on the Packers. Even if you say Aaron, I'm pretty sure people are going to figure it out. And it takes you just as long to say "Aaron" or "Rodgers" as it does to say A Rod. 2 syllables. Same amount of effort. No benefit.

Even though it is stupid, I sort of get it with Alex Rodriguez, why that nickname came about. There are about a million trillion Rodriguezes in major league baseball. It's a long-ish name. K-Mart for Kenyon Martin is at least sort of clever in that it is also a discount department store that is in financial disarray.

But people call Charles Woodson C-Wood. And Fernando Martinez is called "F Mart" (do you know who that is? No? Exactly.)

Just stop it.

End of rant.


  1. Well, I've also heard Rodgers called "A-Rog" and "A-Rod" referred to Andy Roddick.

    Yes, it's all quite silly if you ask me.


  2. Totally agree. In fact I think I went on a rant about that back on Chuckie Hacks.

    Somwhere, somehow, there has to be a pro athlete with the name Aaron Holeman. That's a nickname I could live with...

  3. Nice. That type of nickname would work for Derrek Bagwell too.

  4. I thought you said a quick rant?

    How about Tim Bagwell.

    I think he is the clean up hitter for the Blue Osyter Bar's softball team. Was that a little double entendre?

    Or Frank Upshaw

  5. So what have we learned?

    Acceptable "first letter and part of the last name" nicknames: A-Hole, D-Bag, T-Bag, F-Up and P-Rick.