Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trade Fielder? Trade Braun? Trade Witrado!

Lately, I'm sensing an interesting dynamic between the two Journal Sentinel Brewers beat writers, senior writer and King Panda Tom H. and junior writer Anthony Witrado.

Witrado, you see, has been doing two main things in his chats and other media appearances ever since the Brewers fell out of contention: Advocating a trade of either Prince Fielder or Ryan Braun this off-season in the hunt for starting pitching, and bitching about Ryan Braun's defensive effort. He's been pushing for a Prince trade for a while now, and has more recently been taking Ryan Braun to task for what he seems to think is his defensive loafing and stat-seeking ways on offense. He's also started saying that he thinks the Brewers are discussing a trade of Braun - he said so in a recent radio appearance on AM 1250.

Most recently an intrepid chatter named Brandon from Milwaukee called Witrado out in the latest Witrado chat (sidenote - a major failure on the part of our blog for failing to ask ridiculous questions of Witrado - our bad):

Q: brandon, milwaukee - when the hell are you going to shut up about trading prince fielder and ryan braun? Nobody is unhappy with anything, those guys are just dissapointed and they expected better (and rightfully so). When youre best player speaks out about the teams performance (expecially the pitching staff) that player(especially if hes doing HIS job) has the right to say "hey we are not playing well as a group". Thats leadership, take notes. and he can say our pitching is bad, just like you, me, and everyother fan will agree this teams pitching staff this year "SUCKED". again, braun DID NOT ask for a trade, so my advice to you is to put a damn sock in it, and stop it with these ridiculous rumors about trading fielder and braun because it WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!

A: Anthony Witrado - Bitter much? ... Also, I'm nowhere near the only person saying these things, including some in the Brewers organization. You might have separation anxiety if these guys leave, but there are docs who can help out with that kind of stuff, I hear.

Haudricourt, on the other hand, has pretty consistently argued against trading Prince at this point, saying that it rips a hole too gaping in the middle of the lineup, starting pitching be damned. I don't recall him even addressing a Braun trade, which makes little sense given the length of time on his fairly team-friendly deal.

Today, King Panda attended the Brewers' season-ending presser. And right off the bat, asked the Mustache about trading Prince or Braun in search of pitching.

The Brewers are willing to do most anything this winter to improve their pitching staff.
Except trade either Prince Fielder or Ryan Braun.

That was made quite clear Wednesday afternoon at the Brewers' annual end-of-the-season press conference at Miller Park. GM Doug Melvin said he might have to sacrifice some offense this winter to improve his woeful starting pitching.

So, I asked point blank if that meant either Braun or Fielder might be sacrificed and Melvin seemed taken aback by the idea.

"That would be a tough one," said Melvin. "I didn't mean it that way. I don't see that happening."

In separate discussions I had with Melvin and assistant Gord Ash after the news conference, they said they just didn't see getting value back in pitching by trading Braun or Fielder, who form the most productive offensive duo in the majors.

"That's the great debate," said Ash. "What helps you more, the No. 1 starter or the top slugger? I'll go with the hitter. There's so much uncertainty wtih pitching. You have to be open-minded with anything but some players are more painful to trade. There comes a time when financial implications come into play but we're not at that point with either one."

Was King Panda finally trying to shut Witrado up about his theories? Show him that his "sources" in the Brewers organization were f'ing with him to make him look silly (sillier?) with his Braun trade rumors? Or was he just asking the question that everyone is interested in going in to this offseason?

Probably a little of both.

I also think that Witrado is going to be somewhere else next season. I think Ryan Braun has that much power - he is going to demand that the Journal Communications trade Witrado's ass off to the Appleton Inquirer to cover the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers or something next season.

So look for a new beat writer next Spring to replace Witrado. Just a hunch.


  1. Great post. I was wondering what the fuck was going on when I heard a quip on the radio about trading Braun, but I had no idea Witrado was behind it. I try my hardest not to read his articles because they are useless. I almost punched my radio in anger. NO pitching is worth trading Braun.

    I've ripped on Witrado more times than I can remember. The guy is an immature tool who likes to drum up fake controversy. This isn't Hard Copy asshole, you're a second string beat writer for the Milwaukee Urinal.

    I hope you're right about him being gone. Someone needs to start a petition.

  2. Has there been any rumors other than they Huadricourt saying that Gamel would be a good piece to dangel? Would Gamel/Hardy for 1 good pitcher be worth it?

  3. I think Mcgehee will be more the trade bait than Gamel after his awesome year. Maybe it's more my personal view though? I like McGehee, but due to his age and possibly bad knees I'd rather see him go than Gamel.

  4. Hoops that was one crazy summer and I have heard that proposition before. It makes alot more sence than anything that has come out of Witardo's mouth.

    Nice ork Stryker spanning the Globle bringing this post together. Can we start the petition here?

  5. is available... I may be buying a domain today.

  6. Watch me buy this stupid domain and the fucker leaves the same day. He's such a bastard he would do it to spite me.

    I wonder if he reads these blogs ever? If he does I hope he enjoys the many times I called him a fucktard and a doucheramp.

  7. Witrado is worthless, and I'd like to see him shipped off to cover the Expos.

    But I definitely wouldn't say NO pitching is worth trading Braun though. That's cooky talk. Braun is a great offensive player, but there are young ace pitchers out there that can make a bigger impact on your team. Have you already forgotten that CC basically carried this team to the playoffs. If you could somehow land a Lincecum or a King Felix or some other stud who could be your #1 for 10 years, the Brewers would be fools not to jump all over it.

  8. I do see your point, but I don't know that even Tim Lincecum pitching in 30 games would be equal to what Braun brings to the table every day. You know what you're getting with Braun, but you never know what a pitcher will do year to year. It's an erratic art.

    We also have Braun for a song for the next 5 years.

  9. How come people think that A pitcher that is in only 30 games isn't worth the same as a guy that plays everyday? Didn't you not see the Brewers this year? What good is a team that gets 5 runs when the other team gets 6 or 7 runs???

  10. Do we count the days Braun goes 0 for 4 and 1 for 5 as "Bringing it everyday" or days he miss plays a go ahead single?

  11. Perhaps we should have traded Robin Yount then?

    Hitters are worthless.

  12. This is a good topic to discuss. A great team needs good hitting AND good pitching (especially starting pitching).

    Hitters may be more exciting to watch on a day-to-day basis, but don't be fooled. The Cards didn't crush the rest of the NL Central because they have Pujols and Holliday (although it didn't hurt). They won out because they have Carpenter and Wainwright toeing the rubber ever 2 outta 5 days a week.

    I'm not suggesting trading away all the big bats for pitchers, but you need balance. And right now the Brewers are pretty devoid on the starting pitching side of things, unless you think Yovanni Gallardo is going to be the next 30-game winner since Denny McLain next year...

  13. I am not discounting Braun's value to the team I just don't how you can sit there riding your tiny bicycle around the room thinking that a great everyday player has more determing factor than a pitcher that can go out there and win a game when your two All Star hitters go 0 for 4. Braun can not win a game all by himself. Given defense plays a roll in a great pitched game but I think you are giving too much credit to the fact that they "play" everyday. They don't "contribute" every day.

  14. There is no doubt this team needs pitching, I just don't think it's necessary to trade away Braun or Fielder to get it. I don't think we're getting a #1 pitcher anyway, so there is no need to trade away that kind of talent.

    Gopher, right on. A team needs balance. Look at the Giants. They have one of the best pitching staffs in the NL. Why aren't they in the playoffs?

    Tiny Bicycle made me laugh. I ride that all the time while making balloon swords.

  15. I think the lesson here is that the idea of trading Braun is ludicrous, unless a team comes up with a ridiculous trade offer for him that cannot be refused. He is young, relatively cheap, signed for 5 or 6 more years, and a top-5 hitter in the NL.

    Prince I can see the merits of trading in some respects, but only if it is a total blockbuster. The Brewers don't have to trade him (yet). However, his trade value will never be higher than it is right now. More likely he is dealt after the 2010 season.

  16. Yeah, I don't think the Brewers are chasing an ace-type pitcher anyways. Gallardo could even develop into one on his own.

    Anyways, most teams aren't willing to give up a legit #1 anyways, unless they are named the 'Cleveland Indians'.

  17. Could the Braves be interested in a Casey or Gamel option? They obviously have the pithcing depth.

  18. Here's a purely hypothetical question for Brewers fans -

    The Braves offer SP phenom Tommy Hansen for Braun or Fielder straight up. Would you pull the trigger?

  19. Tommy Hansen is up for arbitration after 2011 Braun is not. Fielder is FA after 2010, is one year with Fielder worth 5 with Hanson. Yes it would be a good trade but this isn't about rebuilding. Any Fielder trade is strictly about next year not future, until about June 25th. If I was to make the decision I would say No on Braun and probably on Fielder because of the unsurity of future years with the team and how he might do in 2010.
    You could also use the 10 mil next year on a Free agent SP or bat. I know your not going to get a Fielder bat but atleast something to fill some of the void.

  20. Yes, I trade Fielder, No, I don't trade Braun.

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