Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DJ How about some Prote-J?

Now I usually leave hip-hop reviews to Goldy but whatever I'm bord at work. Sorry.

Nice story on onmilwaukee.com about the guy who wrote/sings Prince’s at bat theme song. here is a quick look:

OMC: How did you come to do a song about Prince? How did that relationship develop?

Prote-J: Prince is really good friends with my manager, Ben Witherspoon, so that's how we met. In the 2008 season, we went on the road with him and the Brewers. We flew out to San Diego and traveled on the team bus to Los Angeles. That was one of the best weeks I've ever had. I learned more about baseball, I got to know Prince better, I ate chicken and waffles together for the first time, it was crazy. After that trip, Prince wanted me to make an at-bat song for him, and "Heir to the Throne" was born.

OMC: What's it like having the song played at Miller Park and associated with an up-and-coming star like Prince?

Prote-J: It's crazy to think about that many people hearing my song every home game at Miller Park. Prince told me they were also playing the chant at the end of the song, at different parts of the game. But, just having my name next to Prince's is a great feeling. Prince is just a great person and one of the best players in the game. He's a big fan of my music and asking me to make "Heir to the Throne" was his way of helping me get my name out there. I don't get chased through malls or anything yet, but a lot more people know who I am now because of the song. Thanks Prince!

For the whole story: http://www.onmilwaukee.com/music/articles/protej.html

Looks like we have a new song for the opening day tailgate mix! Goldy get on it.


  1. Was the Chicken & Waffles before he started to pretend to be a vegetarian?

  2. that was my favorite line of the story as well. nice catch Clown