Friday, November 13, 2009

Good Luck, Kid

So, the #1 hoops recruit in the nation made his college choice today. Some kid from Ames, Iowa, of all places. What's fascinating was the extravaganza that was his announcement. You had a gigantic Little Ceasars ad behind him, six logos for each school on the table he was sitting at, a packed gym, and then - to top it all off - he announced his decision to attend UNC by skyping Roy Williams! It was surreal! Almost as big a deal as when I decided to attend UWEC and play for the 7th Floor North Towers Intramural Squad. Or not.

I'd like to hammer on the kid for making such a production of choosing where he's gonna play hoops, but watch the video. He has to be the nicest, most polite, well educated, grounded, ego-less #1 recruit in high school basketball history! He thanked the local TV/Print media for goodness sakes. Probably just like Glenn Robinson, only the exact opposite. If he picked Duke I'd call him a fag, but whatever.

Kudos, Harrison Barnes, and good luck. Story/Video

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