Sunday, November 8, 2009

Interesting Sports Weekend

Let's review the weekend in sports:

1. Brewers trade JJ Hardy for Carlos Gomez. While Gomez's offensive numbers in the majors concern me (let's get that career OBP over .300 next year, fella) at least he has some tools and plays a fantastic defensive CF. I don't hate this trade like some do. Seriously, Hardy isn't very good. What did people expect to get back?

2. Badgers slip by Indiana. Clay/Ball looked good. So did Toon. Badgers secondary did not. Did IU's QB throw an incompletion? Chris Borland might be my new favorite Badger. Can he play corner?

3. Iowa lost to Northwestern. At home. This was just beautiful. Hawkeye fans currently feel like I felt when Minnesota beat Wisconsin in 1993. That is, they feel awful.

4. Navy beats Notre Dame. I think every head football coach at Notre Dame should have an automatic termination clause in his contract if he loses to Navy twice. What, exactly, has Charlie Weis done to deserve to continue as coach? Not that I'm complaining, mind you - I love it when Notre Dame loses to the service academies.

5. Bucks destroy the Knicks. With Murdock blowing kisses to him from the stands, Jodie Meeks has his coming-out party against the Knicks. No, that doesn't mean that he succumbed to Murdock's forward advances - it means that he scored a bunch of points. The Knicks are horrid.

6. 0-7 Bucs beat the Packers. WTF? LOL? Huh? For some reason, nobody started Tampa's D/ST in my fantasy football league this week. I guess nobody saw the two touchdowns coming. Does this finally convince all of the Ted/McCarthy backers that these two fools should be run out of town on a rail? News flash! 2007 was a fluke, engineered by a different QB and aided by lots of good breaks. The reality is that this team isn't very talented, hasn't been very talented since Ted came to town, and it sure as hell isn't well-coached. But it sure is young.


  1. I've been a McCarthy supporter in the past, but I'm done. He can go.

    I'm sick of hearing that the sacks are a negative, and that the penalties will be cleaned up, and that they were minus like 400 yards in field position on special teams. On the field, they look completely unprepared, and the same mistakes happen every week.

    I'm not ready to run TT out yet, though that day may come too. Regardless, I hope you guys accept my apology. McCarthy sucks, and needs to go. Any opinions I've given that differ from that, were incorrect. Again, sorry.


    Wasn't the switch to a 3-4 supposed to HELP the special teams, because that made it possible to get more LB's on the field rather than backup TE's & FB's?

    Is every pass pattern a fly/go route?

    Why continue to try to force Kampman to do something that he looks uncomfortable doing? Just b/c you call it a 3-4, doesn't mean he can't rush with his hand down more often, does it?

    ....numerous others, but just too sick of it to care.

  2. I know I have mentioned this numerous times and I am beginning to sound like people who bag on the Bucks, but I just don't get worked up about Packer losses anymore.
    I don't know if it is the overboard news coverage or the dipshit fans or what, but yesterday's loss did not phase me. Now, Saturday during the Wisconsin game I was on pins and needles the entire second half, but for the Packers? Nothing.
    At least we have the Bucks this winter. The first half on Saturday may have been the Bucks best half of basketball, ever.

  3. Is it possible to almost reach the Super Bowl without any talent?

  4. With no talent? Probably not.

  5. Time for Mr. Potato and Teddy to take a hike. I can't understand how people still defend TT. His whole intention was to get rid of any personell that Ron Wolf singed regardless of what the team dynamic would be after. He's done nothing except take a team that was in the playoffs 11 out of 15 years and destroy it.

    I agree with Murdock. To much coverage has made me numb and I just don't give a shit anymore.