Friday, November 6, 2009

Twin Killing- Hardy newest Twin

Hardy to Twins - Release

Brewers get center fielder Carlos Gomez. Soooo Dosn't look good for Cameron's return or the Crew getting any pitching help in return for JJ.



  1. I predict Hardy tearing it up next year in the land of wolves and wrestlers.

    I would have rather seen him go for pitching. I know Hardy had an off year, but I think he is worth more than what equates to little more than a center field prospect.

  2. Where'd you find this picture of Hardy taking a shit?

  3. didn't even have to use the word gay in my search

  4. He is average but so was JJ. I think we got the slight edge in the deal only because of the money and speed. Otherwise they are the same guy, great defense and “potential”.

  5. We'll be losing a lot of power in Hardy and Cameron. I love the speed aspect, but Macha never lets anyone run. What's the point of having speed if you don't ever run?

    With Braun, Gomez, Escobar and Dick Reeks you have some serious speed.

  6. You will be impressed with the range of Go-Go in the outfield. His bat? Not so much.

    Asking for trouble if you bat him leadoff as Murdock suggested. Near the end of the Twins season, Gomez was only coming in to games in the 7th as a defensive replacement (move Span to RF, sit Kubel), or as pinch runner.

  7. I'm wondering who the best fastball hitter on the team is now with Hardy gone?

    Will Brian Anderson adjust in time for the 2010 season?