Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The strong get stronger

Granderson To Yanks, Edwin Jackson To D'Backs, Scherzer To Tigers

By Tim Dierkes [December 8, 2009 at 1:24pm CST]

As chronicled here, a three-team blockbuster trade has been agreed upon between the Yankees, Diamondbacks, and Tigers. The players:

The Yankees receive center fielder Curtis Granderson, who turns 29 in March. Granderson is owed $5.5MM in 2010, $8.25MM in '11, and $10MM in '12, with a $13MM club option/$2MM buyout for '13. That's $25.75MM guaranteed over the next three years. Melky Cabrera could now be expendable for the Yankees, and the Cubs are one possible suitor.

The Diamondbacks receive a pair of starting pitchers: Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy. Jackson, 26, is under team control for '10 and '11 and is owed an arbitration raise on this year's $2.2MM salary. Kennedy, 25 this month, missed most of the '09 season due to surgery to remove an aneurysm near his shoulder. As far as I can tell he is under team control for another six seasons. This is the second year in a row Jackson has been traded at the Winter Meetings.

The Tigers receive four players: starter Max Scherzer, relievers Daniel Schlereth and Phil Coke, and center fielder Austin Jackson. The Tigers get five years of Scherzer, six of Schlereth, five of Coke, and six of Jackson, potentially 22 years of control in total. Scherzer, 25, and Jackson, 23 in February, are probably considered the prizes of the haul.

How did the D-Backs get Jackson? That is huge. I really don't care about the Yankees. But the Tigers picking up Scherzer is a nice pick-up well.

Too busy at work to keep up with the rumor mill, hoping the Chuckie hacks disciples could help get something going on here for my quick pop in procrastination.

So there is your task Hack-Heads. Fill-up the rumor mill in the comment section....


  1. As the resident Tigers fan, I have very mixed feelings about this trade. Granderson is my favorite Tiger since Sweet Lou Whitaker graced the field. He might be the most popular active athlete in Detroit short of Nikolas Lidstrom. I believed Granderson was to be the long-term face of the franchise. I guess not. He'll be sorely missed. But the truth about Baby Grand is that he can't hit lefties worth a damn, and will be a platoon player until that changes. His defense is top notch though, as is his speed. If he regains his 0.300 20-20-20-20 form though, it will really hurt to see him in pinstripes. Too bad the Brewers didn't go after him instead of Go-Go Gomez. Milwaukee would love Baby Grand and his killer smile and phenomenal glove. And his much better bat.

    Considering that Detroit got the long end of the stick on the potential end of things, I'm pretty pleased though. Detroit now has 3 young, hard throwing righties for starters (Verlander, Porcello, and now Scherzer), with fireballer '09 draft pick Jacob Turner in the wings, and I love that. Austin Jackson was supposed to be the Yanks top outfield prospect, so that may pan out as well.

    With Dombrowski still looking to cut payroll, I'm betting that drinky Miggy Cabrera could potentially be shopped too (Red Sox?). There's my contribution to the rumor mill.

  2. Rey Lewis retired to become a cheerleader. Outside of his dance at the beginning of the game, all he did was commit a facemask penalty. Ed Reed got more air time and he was out injured. That is my contribution. Oh, an Corey Hart has a portly wife. Just trying to get some baseball in the mix here.

  3. Gopher, I like the Detroit angle. Thanks

  4. Oh and I hate to admit this but if you want updated rumor mill, try following Haudricourt via twitter. Just had to get a Freeway via in there.