Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Corey Hart SUCKS but asks for a raise?

Not going to pile on here but hey Corey read a paper, or least watch the news. If you did you might have picked up on a few things like;

1) The country's economy is in the toilet bowl
2) The unemployment rate seems to be increasing every day (unless you ask Obermann)

Oh yeah and if you read the sports section or watched a sports center highlight you might have noticed;

3) You SUCK.

               AB    R    H    RIB    SO     BA    OBP

2008     612   76  164   91     109   .268   .300

2009     419   64  109   48      92    .260    .335

Hart filed for $4.8 million with the club coming in at $4.15 million, a difference of $650,000.

Last year Hart made a modest $3.25 million.

Baseball (sports) salaries sometimes seem to be laughable. Not that the owners need to hoard all the money I just don’t like paying $7.25 for a beer and $5 for a luke warm brat.

That’s all I digress.


  1. 0.300 OBP = get off the Brewers roster. More glaringly, his OBP is only 32 points higher than his BA. What outstanding plate discipline he shows.

    One of the at bats from 2009 I will forever remember was Joel Zumaya windmilling Hart in three fastballs, the last hitting 103 on the gun. He never came close to one of them (OK so, he gets a pass on the 103). Hart looked like a damn fool.

    There are plenty of outfielders in the NL who can muster an OBP of 0.300 for less than 4.8 million.

  2. Was 2008 his All-Star season? Are those stats actually correct -- his OBP went up last year?! I'm with the last poster...there wasn't a pitch in 2009 that I didn't see Corey Hart lay off of.

  3. Ironic enough C. Hart actually upped his walks 2008- (27) 2009 (43)

    either way he still sucks. Other then being the only white guy that plays music you can know the words to he brings nothing to the table.