Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Pair of Shoes I Once Wore

Holy crap. It has been a while since I posted anything on this site. So many good Wisconsin sports stories have taken place over the past few weeks (Badger Bowl wins, Badger Basketball starts out 2-0 in the Big Ten, Packers on fire heading in to Playoffs, Brewers deferring money on Wolf's contract to sign Washburn, etc.) however I have had no drive to post anything. Well, I figure I might as well get the ball rolling again with the latest installment of "Random Pair of Shoes I Once Wore". This installment brings you one of my favorite pairs of shoes ever. The Air Force 180's from 1991. Also known as the Charles Barley shoe.

These things just looked awesome. They were a little bit heavy but not as bad as the David Robinson Air Force V's I previously discussed and wore a year earlier. These were also the shoes that I wore while getting cut from the Freshman basketball team at Case. There was no need for a slow, good passing, OK shooting guard at that school. So these shoes became my inter-mural/wear to school shoes. Even though they didn't get a lot of basketball use, they were sweet shoes to wear around. Unfortunately my feet grew out of these before I could wear them out.

I still get an Eastbay catalog about twice a month. Looking at the basketball shoes thay have out now, I would still rather purchase a pair that loked like these. Seems like basketball shoe styles peaked in the early to mid 90's and have just gotten very strange and ugly since then. Doing a quick search, I noticed someone is selling a size 8 of these bad boys for $180 bucks on Ebay. Who the hell wears a size 8?

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  1. So that explains your excellent calve muscles. I should have worn heavier shoes.