Friday, March 5, 2010

Week 1 of Brewers Camp? Entertaining.

It has been an interesting week for the Brewers in Spring Training, as they have finally hit the field.

1. The Giants are apparently a bunch of tender little guys...they have evidently been stewing for the last six months since the Brewers (GASP!) celebrated after a walk-off home run by Prince Fielder at home plate. The Ginas got back at the Prince by plunking him with the first pitch in his first at-bat of the Spring. I bet they feel better about themselves now! On a different note, I still don't understand the uproar over the bowling pin celebration after the walk-off. Every team celbrates a walk-off. Most teams do some variation of the "everybody jumps around at home plate and pounds the home run hitter in the head" celebration. Some home run hitters throw their helmet in the air as they jump on home plate. The Brewers decided to get creative and fall down. What's the difference? The pre-meditation? Whatever.

2. Mark Rogers, entering his 7th professional season but still just 24, threw his first pitch in a Brewers uniform today, coincidentally in the same game as another oft-injured starter (Ben Sheets) pitched for the first time against his old team. Rogers went two scoreless innings - here's hoping he can continue to climb back from injury.

3. The best news this week? Corey Hart can't see. He's going to go with prescription goggles this season. Sweet. Rec Specs! Hart continues down the path blazed by Bill Hall - remember when Lasik surgery was going to fix Billy? Um, yeah. As I have not been able to find a picture of Corey Hart wearing his prescription sunglasses during a game yet, the Wrong Week graphic design staff prepared an artist's rendering of what it will probably look like.


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