Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ask Mike Hunt

Any time Mike Hunt decides to do an online chat from now on, I'm going to try to ask stupid questions that I think he'll answer stupidly. Basically, I pretend that I'm Mike Hunt when asking the question. (Shudder.) Then we all get to bask in the glow of his inane answer.

Mike Hunt held a chat today, giving my my first opportunity to ask a dumb question. And....success! He answered my question:

Q: Ted Stryker - If you were to compare yourself to a character in the Big Lebowski, who would it be and why?

A: Michael Hunt - I am, without a doubt, the Dudemobile - the Dude's '70ish Gran Torino. It took a beating, was stolen by an 8th grader, took Walter's Uzi holes, lost the side-views, kept the Creedence and kept on rolling. And until three Nihilsts set me on fire, I'm living in the moment with some slight brownish rust coloration, man.

Seriously? The Dude's car? I can think of several characters who are more comparable, including Bunny (doesn't do shit, steals money), Da Fino (sweats heavily), and Larry Sellers (a younger Mike Hunt, is bad at writing).



  1. to be fair, mike hunt was once stolen by an eighth grader.

  2. Is Mike Hunt here? I'm looking for MIKE-HUNT.