Thursday, September 17, 2009

Juwan Howard Is Still Alive

Seriously, his name just scrolled across the bottom of my Zenith. He signed with some team. Anyway, his name always reminds me of a story.

Back in High School, Ted Stryker and I head to a random Bucks - Washington Bullets game. I really think they were still the Bullets back then. As we approach the BC, we pass a scalper and the following transpires:

Scalper: "Twenty bucks for lower bowl."

Us: "Nah, we'll get something cheaper"

Scalper: "There ain't no 6 and 10s (dollar seats) left!"

Us: (Realizing it's like a Wednesday night against the fucking Bullets) "Really?"

Scalper: "Yeah, they've got Juwan and that other guy (Chris Webber)."

How's that for a sales pitch!

Us: "Why not, here's 40 bones."

We were totally had seeing as how the BC was about 40% full. It looked like a Marquette-IFPW crowd. Whatever. We've laughed at "there ain't no 6 and 10s," and "...and that other guy" hundreds of times since then.

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