Friday, September 18, 2009

Starship Troopers is Hilariously Bad

It's Friday afternoon, so I know this post will probably be read by 2 people. So, I figure it's as good of time as any to mention that I watched about 10 minutes of the movie Starship Troopers last night. Now, I saw this movie on VHS back when it came out and I can only remember three things about the movie:
Now, in the 10 minutes I watched on TNT last night, the red headed chick did not get naked. However, that 10 minutes was astounding. The over-acting was stupendously great. I mean, I think the movie was meant to be corny, but they just knocked it out of the park. Plus, there was a fight scene between Caper Van Diem and a guy who could be best described as Chris Kattan's more human looking brother. I am pretty sure all the punches missed by a good 6 inches. Then, once the bugs started killing people, all thought of anybody "acting" just went out the window. You also have Denise Richards whose sole job was to just stand around and look retarded. The problem is, she was basically wearing a snow suit for most of the movie (or at least the 10 minutes I saw). This was rectified a year later with her appearance in Wild Things. Anyhow, 10 minutes of Starship Troopers rates an outstanding 10 High Lifes out of 10 High Lifes on the Miller High Life Watchibility Scale.

Also happened to catch a bit of Mallrats last night. Just a solid movie there. Little known fact: Mall shots were filmed in Eden Prairie, MN. Not sure if the 3rd nipple scene was filmed there.


  1. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned for Sega.

  2. Gilkes was around when this came on so we got his version of "That kid's on the escalator again"

  3. I used to think this movie was bad until I saw Star Ship Trooper 2. I think that one was straight to video. Even that movie is now where near is awesome as American Ninja 2.