Monday, September 28, 2009

The Brewers Official Scorer is a Joke

So, I was one of the 20,000 people or so actually in attendance at the Brewers game on Friday night. It was a good game. Cameron hit a 3-run bomb in the first to get things going, Prince hit one of the highest home runs I have ever seen, and Parra pitched a good game against a good team.

Parra retired the first nine batters in a row. Jimmy Rollins led off the 4th with a chopper that McGehee tried to field in-between hops. It git by him and Rollins ended up at 2nd. It looked like an obvious error to me, and thanks to the fact that Miller Park rarely shows replays, I couldn't confirm this, but it took the official score a good couple of minutes to make the error call on this one. Victorino walked and Utley grounded out, advancing the runners.

Ryan Howard came up and hit a hard hit grounder right at Prince that kind of caught him in-between hops as well and the ball squirted into the outfield. 2 runs scored and Howard was safe at first. After considerable time, the play was ruled an error on Prince. Parra gets out of the inning with 2 runs allowed but the no hitter still intact.

The second batter in the 5th for the Phillies, Paul Hoover, gets a clean single to left. The scoreboard immediately flashes 2 hits and only 1 error for the Brewers. I call complete bullshit here. I know that calls get changed all the time, but I think it speaks to a lack of integrity on the part of the Brewers official scorer if he was willing to call the ball hit by Howard an error on Prince, so long as Parra still had the no hitter going. To change the scoring on Howard's ball to a hit at the exact same time the Phillies got their first clean hit is either an amazing coincidence, or a piss poor job of being an official scorer.

I know there were issues last year in Pittsburgh with the Sabathia should have been no hitter. And I understand the hometown official scorer will often make decisions to benefit the home team, but I found this just ridiculous. You can't claim that a batted ball is an error, so long as the team doesn't get another hit. The play is what it is, it is not dependent on what the Phillies did the next inning. I know this isn't a big deal, but I just though it was a pretty weak sauce effort on the part of the Brewers official scorer and just reeked of an unprofessional effort.


  1. wow, simmer down Rog.

    I agree but it seems you really haven't let this one go 72ish hours later.

    take a breathe. punch the guy in the cube next to you for no good reason, but don't bring your negativity here.

  2. I was there. I did notice the same thing and I agree that it's a bunch of BS.

    I also contracted some type of lung illness that night along with my friend Bob Cooper. Did it seem like the air was just hanging that night? The smoke from the fireworks sat until like the 6th inning. It was just muggy and shitty inside. There was no reason to keep the panels closed.