Monday, September 28, 2009

I miss 2008

Not a long post just on my mind. All be it a long and disappointing season for the crew this year it is still sad to know that there will be no more trips to Miller Park this season.

Last year at this time we were in the thick of a glorious playoff push. I will have to go home tonight, crack a miller lite and watch 2008 Brewer blackberry video of the playoffs.

Anyone around PW this week feel free to stop by and share your favorite 08 moment over a cold one.


  1. Emmett is wise.

    But I'll go with beating the living shit out of the Cardinals via late inning long balls at Busch Stadium in July.

  2. Opening day always fun. I remember being interviewed from some Fox affiliate from like Superior. They had never seen washers.

    Taking my nephew to a game and introducing him to the POWER of WILLIS the mini horse.

    Being there with dad when they clinched. (Photo courtesy of blackberry)

    Walking out of Miller Park after game three of the playoffs with my fellow 10 gamers and 40,000+ brewer fans chanting lets go brewers. Awesome feeling.

    I think I need another miller lite... NURSE.