Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Not Kidding

With the sweet Samkon Gado reference two posts ago, I felt it was time to go 'round the NFL and check on crappy ex-Packers. The results are quite stunning.

There's a pretty solid Green Bay-St Louis pipeline going on with the aforementioned Gado along with Paris Lenon, Anthony Smith, and Ruvell Martin all with the Rams.

Backup safety in San Fran and the guy who got beat on Favre's TD? Mark Roman

Can you believe Na'il Diggs is still starting in Carolina?

Remember Tyrone Culver? Terrible, right? Plays in Miami.

New Giants safety? Aaron Rouse.

The Colts have Daniel Muir on their roster.

The best find of all: I know it's early, but surprising Denver (3-0) is playing spectacular defense....1st in points and yards allowed. Guess who's STARTING at defensive end? Not just on the roster, but STARTING - Kenny Peterson!! Yep, the same guy from Ohio State who did NOTHING in Green Bay. Oh, and his backup? Vonnie Holliday.

Who knew so many shitty ex-Packers were still collecting NFL paychecks? I'm sure I missed a few more.


  1. I would have to say out of all of these Ruvell Martin was the biggest turd. I fucking hated that douche.

    That guy couldn't catch a bullet with his forehead.

  2. Muir not only is on the Colts' roster, but he was playing when I was watching their game the other night. I thought that name sounded familiar...