Thursday, October 1, 2009

Even Raul Hernandez hates the Badgers...

...and why shouldn't he.

If you haven't seen this movie (Badgers and Gophers alike), do yourself a favor. It is Weird Al's magnus opus, and features a young Michael Richards and Fran Drescher to boot. The linked Youtube scene with Mr. Raul Hernandez is just icing on the cake that is this movie.


  1. But have you seen the Badgers new trick play?

  2. I'm guessing you've been watching this on VH1 or Fuse or whatever music channel it's been on for the past two weeks. Every night I flip through the channels and see this. I think I'm one of like 50 people to have seen this in on the big screen. Saw it the day after it was released. If I remember correctly, there were like 5 people in the theatre.

    -Mr. Del Taco

  3. Nope - actually I haven't seen this movie in over a decade. Had it on VHS though...

    I'm impressed you saw it on opening weekend though. Very impressed.