Thursday, October 1, 2009

Metrodome Next?

Nice innovative name for your new Vikings stadium Minnesota. I don't see any problems with getting the public to sign off on a $700 million stadium called Metrodome Next.

In other news, Hollywood D-listers are starting learn "Skoal Vikings." Can LA eventually take the Twins away from the cities once they have the Lakers and Vikes? Maybe the University of Minnesota will be moved to Culver City.


  1. That is an absolutely awful name. That alone will preclude taxpayer subsidies. I have this feeling that La-la land will be getting a team soon, since Zygi won't pay himself...

  2. Yeah, who names a new stadium after the old when when the old one is universally known as being an awful venue?

    Veterans Stadium Next
    Shea Stadium Millennium
    Pontiac Silverdome 2K4