Monday, October 12, 2009

I Suck at Betting

As best as I can recall, here are my bets from this past weekend:
  • Mizzou +3 in the Second Half against Nebraska. I wanted to bet on Mizzou for the entire game but I didn't get to the book in time to place the bet. If I would have and saw that there was a downpour going on, I would have taken the under. Did make it to a book at halftime and took Mizzou +3 in the second half. This was working well through the 3rd quarter as a Mizzou FG consisted of the only points scored. Then Nebraska unleashed a shitstorm on Mizzou. A long pass followed by a Mizzou TO, Nebraska score, another TO and another Nebraska TO and my fate was sealed.
  • Game 2 ALCS, Twins +250. I really liked this bet. Good payout and I knew that Burnett had struggled in September. Granted, I didn't have a ton of faith in Nick Blackburn, but I thought, what the heck. Well, everything looked dandy as the Twins scored 2 in the top of the 8th to take a 2 run lead. Even though he was facing the meat of the order, I felt good with Nathan coming in to get the save. Of course, Teixeira leas off with a single and then Rodriguez blasts a homer. I stopped watching at this point knowing there was no way the Twins would win this one. Teixeira's laser shot ended this one.
  • Game 2 ALCS Angles/Red Sox Under 8. Hey, hey, I won one! I liked the Beckett/Weaver match-up. Not only did I win this one, but the Red Sox lost as well. Good times all around! Plus I got a handful of drink tickets for this bet since the book was dead. Even better times!
Now, I planned on placing a ton of college football bets, however, the activities of Friday night/Saturday morning severely reduced my mental capacity and ability to drag my ass to the book by the time of kick-off for the early games. I had several bets I had circled and didn't bet most of them. Of course the ones I forgot about all won. On to the mixed bag:

  • Minnesota -3 against Purdue. As Kern has stated, betting against Purdue is like free money. Purdue sucks. There is rally no nicer way to put that. I was passed out for the first half, but by the time I found the score of the game, the Gophers were up. Now, I hate the Gophers, but I don't let that get in the way of me making money. That is only reserved for Iowa.
  • Georgia +1 at Tennessee. This was a stupid bet. I thought, hey, Tennessee lost at home to UCLA and UCLA blows, so I am sure Georgia can beat them. I conveniently ignored Georgia's terrible play so far this season. I really dislike Georgia. Don't know why I bet this game. The have tormented me since I had to endure that 1998 Outback Bowl game in 40 degree weather where Hines Ward and Mike Fricking Bobo lit up the Badgers. That was not fun. Neither was the result of this bet.
  • Wisconsin +16 at OSU. Was this some kind of joke. Really? Wisconsin was getting 16 points? Sign me up!. Oh, it does appear Vegas knows what they are doing. Ohio State fans are the biggest bunch of douchbages in the Big Ten. This loss sucked on many levels.
  • Oregon -3 at UCLA. As I mentioned above, UCLA blows. Oregon has righted the ship since the Boisie debacle. I was worried when UCLA was leading 3-0 at half, but then I walked away from the book for a bit and came back to see that 4 minutes into the second half, Oregon was up 21-3. OK, I like that. Oregon came through for me, but if anyone was watching this game, the int for a TD that the UCLA guy had in the end zone was one of the most athletic plays I have ever seen. Unreal.
In other news, Dudy, who knows jack squat about college football won a 3-team parlay that included Temple and Duke. I didn't know you could even bet on those teams. Dudy has a knack for this sort of stuff including placing multiple bets on one ticket and thinking they were all individual games but in reality having a 4-team parlay and winning it. At this point in time (1999) he didn't even know what a parlay was. Good times my man.

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  1. I enjoy the fact that the Gophers (who covered the -3 easily) helped you to earn money, while the Badgers cost you money, even with a whopping 16 points to cover their asses.