Monday, October 12, 2009

Way to go Angles/F You Red Sox

Glad to see the Angles make a great 2-out 9th inning comeback against the Red Sox yesterday to sweep their ALDS series. I would have to say that the Angles are my favorite AL team. Really for no other reason than my Little League team was called the Angles.

It was also good to see Vlad Guerrero finally do something in the post-season. He hit .183 in his first 4 post-season series before breaking through with a 7 for 15 performance in the ALDS last season, however he had no RBIs. It was great to see him get the clutch hit yesterday. I love watching the guy hit. He is one of the few players that I will wait to watch hit if I am watching a random baseball game.

The Angles seem like a likable ballclub this year. I really hope they take down the Yankees, because who doesn't hate the Yankees. I think the line-ups are pretty even but the Yankees have far better starters than the Angles. But hey, maybe the Angles can break through against the bullpen. The did it against Papelbon, maybe they can do it against Rivera.

Oh, and fuck the Cardinals.

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