Monday, October 12, 2009

Nuggets from Heyman

Jon Heyman from usually has some nuggets about the Brewers in his columns and they usually tend to be spot-on. The following two statements were made in his most recent column:

• The Brewers will try to sign star Prince Fielder to a long-term contract this winter. If those talks don't go well, it's possible they could consider trading him. However, it will probably be difficult to get fair value for him in a year when the ridiculously cost-efficient Adrian Gonzalez (who has two years left at $9 million) also is expected to hit the trade market.

• Pitching guru Rick Peterson, who's close to Brewers coach Willie Randolph from their Mets days (they were fired the same day), was interviewed in New Jersey by Brewers GM Doug Melvin, reported Nick Cafardo in the Boston Globe. Ken Macha is returning as manager, but Randolph could be a candidate in the future.

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