Friday, October 2, 2009

Parenting 101?

Emmett has a 4 year old son. The staple beer in the Fitz-Hume house is High Life Light. Earlier tonight, Emmett needed beer. Emmett and Emmett Junior head into the party mart, walk past the bottles of liquor, and reach numerous refrigerators chilling impressive amounts of beers along the back wall. Before we even stop, Emmett Junior runs to the familiar blue and gold box (shown above) and says: "Daddy, here's your beer!" with a huge grin on his face - extremely proud with his quick find. There's only 3 possible way's Emmett Junior could recognize High Life Light among the other 100s off beers so quickly...I mean, he's only four:

1) Emmett Senior drinks waaaaaay too much High Life Light (Probable).

2) Emmett Junior is well on his way to being an alcoholic. (Possible)

3) Emmett Junior is a kid-genius. (Doubtful)

So, Emmett is not sure what to make of this. Good, or bad, be the judge.


  1. It's not good parenting until he is retrieving the beer from the fridge.

  2. While out shopping for my four year old daughter's halloween costume today she called me over to a display and said, "Hey, dad, you can be a beer for halloween." Sure enough, there was a picture of a giant beer bottle costume on a box. My wife wanted to kill me, but the people standing around me had a hard time keeping their laughter to an inaudible level.

  3. Lane thinks that was a lot of third person blogging.

    No judging just facts.

    Lane thinks good parenting. Great parenting is when he can fetch the beer.