Monday, October 26, 2009

Random Shoes I Once Wore: Gazzeles

These were classics. I loved these shoes. I still love these shoes but can only find them in black. I digress these shoes were a staple of my wardrobe from freshmen year of high school through mid college a solid 6 year run.

This was right around the time Adidas’s name was rumored to stand for All Day I Dream About Soccer. Unless you went to the public school in town and the (S) stood for sex, allegedly.

They were cheep (relatively speaking) came in multiple colors and were so comfortable it was ridiculous. Now they didn’t offer any support, traction and lacked any durability but I loved um.

You could burn though a pair of these in about a month of good wear. So it was best to own multiple pairs and mix up the rotation. I owned Grey (still my favorite), Blue, Black, Red and I think I had a Port Pirate Green pair at one point.

The more worn in these bad boys became the more comfortable they were. They became more like socks then shoes. The insole foam took the shape of your feet and the swede became softer over time.

My favorite memory comes from the red pair. After I lost them in a high stacks game of between the sheets (cards, get your head out of the gutter) the night prior the big winner was in a minor car crash the next morning. As he laid on the emergency room table his mother noticed his blood red feet and cried hysterically that her boy’s feet were bleeding. Nope. He was wearing his winnings on his way to pick me up for school.

Good times.

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  1. Nice. That you owned so many pairs shows your loyalty to the style/model.

    Personally, these were shoes I would never wear - for the very reasons you listed. No support, no traction, no durability. That and I have no style whatsoever.