Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where's Bob Griese? He's out getting a hamburger.

If you watched the OSU-Minnesota game this Saturday, you may have caught this little gem of broadcast professionalism in a lull in the game where the color commentators Bob Griese and Chris Spielman were briefly talking about the NASCAR standings. When Spielman asked "Where's Juan Pablo Montoya" in the points standings, Griese chuckled and suggested "He's out eating a taco."

Groan. That's the best thing he could come up with to say? And its especially moronic since Juan Pablo Montoya is Colombian, and tacos are believed to have originated in Mexico. A classic 'I guess they all look alike to you Bob' moment. Luckily for ESPN, Spielman had the decency to NOT rebutle with this, as I would have.

This was capped off with an awkward, and poorly timed on-air apology from Griese to Montoya, as the broadcast closed out. I guess we should be thankful Griese didn't know Montoya was Colombian, or he might have suggested he was 'out candying up his nose'. Phew. ESPN really dodged a bullet there.

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