Thursday, October 22, 2009

Torry Holt's Finger

The other night I was watching NFL's Greatest Games on ESPN and it was Super Bowl 34 (I believe) between the Rams and the Titans. Great game and the NFL Greatest Games series is a joy to watch (when it is not the Packers-Broncos Super Bowl or the Jerry Rice fumble playoff game). Super Bowl 34 provided an excellent second half. It seemed kind of strange watching McNair trying to lead the Titans to victory. It appeared to be a real tough and emotional loss for the Titans.

Anyhow, the part of this program that is now burned into my mind is Torry Holt's finger. He was one of the players who NFL Films interviewed to look back on the game. He was talking about something and using hand gestures and his left hand went across the screen. My first response was, "what the hell was that?" I had to rewind and watch several times, but sure enough it was a badly misshapen finger. I mean that thing was just brutal. I post the above photo for all to enjoy and look for the finger's cameo in the Rams-Titans NFL Greatest Games interview.


  1. The really sad part about this is he will never be able to give the Spock Vulcan hand gesture ever again.

    That's almost as bad as Larry Mccarren's pinky, but not quite.

  2. I was wondering how many comments it would take for Rock's pinky to come up. Exemplary work Clown.

  3. Is this what makes Holt a great receiver? Sort of like Alfonseca's 6th finger?

  4. Wow - that completely puts my HS football mildly deformed left middle finger to shame. I'll officially never complain about it again.