Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random Pair of Shoes I Once Wore

Nike Air Force V.
David Robinson Signature Shoe.
Purchased in 1990 for 8th grade basketball.

Growing up I was a big David Robinson fan. I had Robinson posters on my hall and way too many Spurs t-shirts for a kid in Wisconsin. So when Robinson's first signature shoes came out, I had to have them for what would be my last basketball season. My feet had just recently grown to the point where I had to start buying adult sized shoes which meant more money. The Air Force Vs were top of the line stuff, so they were up there in price. My parents set a $60 limit and I had to pay the rest with my snow shoveling money. I believe these things were at or over $100.

I that they looked awesome and loved them. Until I tried to play basketball in them. In 8th grade I was just your average sized guard and a stringbean. I think these things weighed as much as I did and came half way up to my knee. It felt like I had blocks on my feet. These shoes were definitely not designed for 8th grade point guards. Eventually I talked my parents into buying some $20 pair of shoes at the Nike Outlet to replace these monsters. However, they did look great with the Catholic school uniform.

The one other thing I remember about these shoes is that they game with some giant plastic Nike Air square key chain thing attached to the shoes. I took it off right away, but remember seeing others waring them with the key chain thing still attached. Remember, this was back when keeping all the tags on your baseball hat was cool. Anyhow, I can't imagine these shoes being any clunkier, but adding a key chain would definitely do the trick.

I cant imagine these things were that popular. They were just so clunky. There is a reason Nelly sang about Air Force Is and not Air Force Vs.

A little more info according to The ultra high top cut is a favorite for vintage heads as well as the rubber mesh netting that covers the tongue and on the heel. The big Force logo is stamped on the tongue in case anyone thinks this shoe wasn’t made for a big man and the toe box features micro perforations.

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  1. These were excellent, and yet cinderblocks for your feet. They must have weighed 24 oz each. How anyone could even get off the ground with these on defies physics.