Friday, October 23, 2009

Glimpses Of My Life

It’s 3:00 AM and I’m partying hard at an after bar….OK, maybe not. More like, I was in the middle of a deep sleep when awoke by the sounds of a dirt bike in front of my house. WTF? Look outside, nope it’s a chainsaw. Someone’s chopping up one of my trees that’s laying right across the road! Holy hell!! It was a big ass tree, too. About 25-30 feet tall and girthy enough you cant put your arms all the way around. It was rotten at the bottom and just snapped like Jim Mora after bad game. Alas, karma was on Fitz-Hume’s side. If that sucker fell the other way, it would have taken out power lines, our two cars, and part of the garage – no joke. That’s not your average 3:00 AM wake up, gang.


  1. Holy Christ that's a big tree. I'd like to see the claim adjusters face on that one.

  2. Ugh - scary stuff. I have several large trees surrounding the Gopher Bandanna Estate that could easily crush the homestead.

    Glad to hear no damage was done.

  3. I'm just glad at 3 am your first reation was to go online and post not check the kids or go back to bed. Nice work Emmett