Friday, October 23, 2009

Week 5 - Big Ten Predictions

5 conference matchups this week folks. Wisconsin is off so Bielema can finally have that Hawkeye tattoo surgically removed (or as I call it, "The Dark Mark of Lord Hayden Fry"). Everyone's favorite controversial dancing mascot, Chief Illini-wek is 'honored' here, as I think Illinois will get their first B10 win. Here’s how I seem things shaking out:

Indiana @ Northwestern (11:00 am CT)
I like the confidence IU gained back last week over Illinois, after their debacle against UVA. QB Ben Chappell looked good, and IU’s defense did a good job containing Juice. Look for that to repeat against Kafka.
Indiana 27, Northwestern 20

Minnesota @ Ohio State (11:00 am CT)
Nothing worse than going into the Horseshoe the week after an OSU loss. Tressel has lost back-to-back games just once during his tenure. The Gopher offense has gone from mediocre to dreadful, and OSU’s ‘Silver Bullet’ Defense is very good. Not a good combo. My Gophers only avoid getting shut out thanks to some late game hurry-up drives.
OSU 24, Minnesota 10

Illinois @ Purdue (11:00 am CT)
I’m calling for the classic let down game here. Purdue parties just a little too hardy this week, and isn’t quite as ready for the Illini as they should be. Illinois steals one on the road for their first Big Ten win, and Arrelious Benn finally gets in the endzone for a couple scores.
Illinois 21, Purdue 20

Penn State @ Michigan (2:30 pm CT)
Taking Michigan at home for the upset is tempting for me, but Penn State’s stellar LB corps are finally getting healthy, and Royster and Clark seem to be hitting their mid-season stride. Michigan hangs around for 3 quarters before PSU closes them out in the 4th.
Penn State 30, Michigan 17

Iowa @ Michigan State (6:05 pm CT)
Another road game that could be deceptively close. Iowa is playing some of the best football in the country right now, but winning on the road in back-to-back weeks in the Big Ten is awfully tough. MSU’s RBs are dinged up a bit, and that lack of depth might be the difference. That, plus Stanzi seems to have gotten all the really bad turnovers out of his system.
Iowa 17, MSU 13

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