Friday, November 20, 2009

Big Ten Football Fan Polling

Check out this very interesting polling of Big Ten fans, conducted by
Some highlights:

-98.2 % of Buckeye fans consider Michigan to be their biggest rival. But only 96.0% of Michigan fans consider OSU to be their biggest rival. This conclusively proves that Buckeyes are smarter than Wolverines (I know, I'm surprised too). But really, how this isn't a clean 100% on both sides is beyond me.

-9.3% of Badger fans consider Michigan to be their biggest rival. But 0.0% of Michigan fans consider Wisconsin to be their biggest rival. This disconnect is amusing to me. In fact 0.2 % of Michigan fans thought Northwestern was a bigger rival than Wisconsin. In the same vein, 1.3% of Minnesota fans think OSU is their biggest rival. We've had historically less success against the Buckeyes than any other Big Ten team. Who are these idiots?

-Northwestern is widely considered to have the most polite fans overall. That's easy though, when nobody shows up for the games. No one there = no one to heckle you.

-Ohio State and Wisconsin consistently shows up in every other teams top 4 for the rudest fans for visitors. Ohio State looks to have Wisconsin beat by a significant margin though...

-Only 2.9% consider Minnesota to have the favorite stadium to visit in the conference. Those are Metro-dump #s. Look for that to climb substantially in the coming years. 'The Bank' is phenomenal.


  1. I know a lot of Badger fans view Michigan as a rival. I never quite got it. I tend to think those people are idiots. I think it has a lot to do with Michigan routinely cleaning our clocks for a number of years. Heck, even during the 98 and 99 seasons where the Badgers went to the Rose Bowl, they failed to beat Michigan. I think it is jealousy from some Badger fans and they equate that to a rival.

    Minnesota and Iowa are rivals. Michigan is just a team i really enjoy beating.

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  3. The best part of this whole poll is that 96% of MSU fans consider Michigan to be their biggest rival, and 2% of Michigan fans consider Michigan State to be their biggest rival.