Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bucks' balanced scoring no match for burlesque balancing act

Flew solo tonight at the Bucks game - as nobody wanted to join Gopher Bandanna Guy at the BC this evening. Such is life. Won't be the first time I attended a live sporting event on my own, and it won't be the last. All seven of you guys I offered the other ticket to, you suck. But enough of my self-pity.

The Bucks played well in front of a very sparse crowd (I essentially had section 218 all to my self), and had a very complete game on offense, getting everybody into the mix, with 7 Bucks in double figures. Roko Ukic (pronounced 'Oooo-kich') had his coming out party, scoring 17 points in 25 minutes, and not during cleanup time either. He boldly asserted himself into the offense, at one point forcefully waving Bogut to clear out for him. Bogut later appeared to reprimand Ukic after he drew a foul in the lane, but Ukic continued to be aggressive. I like this kid. I think he and Jennings could develop into a nice point-guard duo for the Bucks for years come, since we all know Ridnour and his bloated contract will be jettisoned as soon as possible, despite some admirable contributions to the team.

But I'm not fooled by this Ukic performance either. The Raptors have no defense whatsoever (give up an average of 108 ppg). And when guards Jarret Jack, DeMar DeRozen, and Sonny Weams are on the floor no one defending them is too worried they'll go off. Not sure if Bell was just being rested, or Skiles wanted a different look, (or if he knew he could get away with playing Ukic tonight) Hopefully we'll get to see a bit more of Ukic after this performance though, so we know what we have with him.

But let's talk halftime. They trotted out the scantily clad Lilia Stepanova, who proceeded to put on an seductive burlesque-type dance, combined with a couple contortionist archery stunts thrown in. No question it was hot. Very hot. (see her performance in PHX here). Probably too hot for the kids in attendance. And it didn't help that the BC camera men caught every crotch shot possible. But hell if I cared, as my son was sound asleep in his bed 40 minutes away. Damned fine entertainment. Well done by the BC events staff.

The best part though was just as she completed her performance, and started walking off the court, Luke Ridnour comes streaking onto the court from the opposite end, and then pulls up about 5-10 feet short of her and shoots a jumper. Either he wanted to get his warm up shots in a hurry, or just wanted a closer look at Ms. Stepanova's posterior. I'm guessing the latter, since he beat the rest of his teammates onto the court by 20-30 seconds.

The Bucks then dominated in the 4th quarter, and blah, blah, blah.... just check out Lilia.


  1. That chick is really bendy. That would make for a quick A.T.M transition.

  2. For pure entertainment, was it better than the Red Panda?

  3. Only if you are in the first few rows...