Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Michael Doleac Reference

One of the thrills of watching sports over at Ted Stryker's house is the random sports facts that get bantered about. Yesterday brought us a viewing of the sloppy Wisconsin-Marquette game won by the good guys, the Heisman ceremony, Ted Stryker Jr. showing off his truck collection, "The U" on ESPN's 30 for 30, and the Bucks-Blazers game. I must say that "The U" was must see tv. It had a terrible FSU rap video, Dan LeBatard trying to look gangsta, some bad dancing, and a segment dedicated to the 2 Live Crew. Just great stuff. I would highly recommend watching this. Along with the tallboy Pabst cans I picked up for the evening, this probably would have been the highlight. However, once the Bucks-Blazers came on, we started talking about Andre Millerand the guys he has played with. I threw Michale Doleac out there. Honestly, it was a hit. Probably the only conversation in Wisconsin yesterday where Michael Doleac was mentioned. Thank you for existing Michael Doleac.

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  1. The PBR was served only semi-chilled, which is the correct temperature for PBR.

    As Roger said, the mountains would not have been blue if it was a Coors Light.