Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The U Laid an Egg

I'm pretty sure that the 2009 Champs Sports Bowl will not be featured in the next ESPN 30 for 30 on the Miami Hurricanes.

A team deserves to lose when it wears white on white uniforms. I always hate when Wisconsin goes with that combination. My wife asked why the numbers were two different colors - I had no answer other than "Nike makes shitty uniforms." She then said that Orange and Green is an even worse color combination than Green and Red. She is not a fan of the Bucks colors.

I legitimately think the "cold" weather in Orlando bothered Miami. It was 50 degrees, but they had heaters on their sideline and everyone was rocking the hand warmer pouches.

I have seen Jacory Harris play some pretty decent games, but he was awful in this one. That boy has no interest in running from the pocket, even when a first down is readily available.

By the way - nice job with the playing surface, Orlando! Guys were ripping up pelts of turf at every cut they tried to make. Penn State and LSU better hope they put in some Field Turf between now and their bowl game in a couple of days. If not, that game favors Penn State, especially if it's "cold".

Good win for Wisconsin, and the Big Ten. See if the other sorry sacks in the conference can manage to win a bowl game.

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